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In Salento there are many typical local culinary traditions and they vary enormously with countless ingredients, from those that orginates from the land and those from the sea.  The local  cuisine is deeply-rooted  tradition, simple and poor but very nutritious and rich in flavour reflecting the origins of  the  land. The ingredients  are mainly local vegetables and fish.  However, in spite of this Salento cuisine is extremely  rich in imagination. These ingredients once used for local family daily meals, are now genuine  recipes  prepared  with care, that can be found and   appreciated at “La Colinetta restaurant.” Also  at the hotel premises there is a second restaurant "Le Scalelle"  menu al la carte, where  you can satisfy your palette and  be served  with a variety of delicate sumptuous dishes. In fact feedback of guests and restaurant clients testimony satisfaction and approval.
Le Tartare del Ristorante Le Scalelle
The Salentin cuisine  is characterized  above all, for the presence of various vegetables, that are the actual daily primary  traditional dishes. In fact,  we propose  them on a daily basis amongst other productson our rich buffet  where you'll find  all seasonable vegetables; turnips, cauliflowers, peppers, aubergines, artichokes and many other more;  legumes green beans chickpeas,  broad beans, lentils, peas etc; In addition to traditional  grown vegetables also  proposed are; several types of natural vegetables chicory, asparagus, wild rocket, and other feral plantations. One of the most local Salento uncultivated vegatable is “pampasciuni" which are wild onions. The most typical dish of the  region are mashed  dried broad beans served  with chicory.
Fernando Strambace

Catering just minutes from the sea. Hotel La Collinetta and Ristorante Le Scalelle - The ideal place for your holidays in Torre Vado

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Hotel La Collinetta - Le Scalelle Restaurant

Hotel La Collinetta - Le Scalelle Restaurant


Vegetables and legumes are consumed mainly with bread or pasta, preferably homemade, a part of the cooked pasta with vegetables is fried in olive oil to give the dish a more appealing flavor and a crunchy texture. We have, dishes such as "orecchiette with  turnip greens" and "Ciceri e tria".   The Christian tradition indicates “Tria” to represent  wood chips of St. Joseph,  in actual fact  Arabs indicated  “Tria” to be dry pasta. Moreover, during the preparation ,  spices of the Mediterranean maquis  are used to aromatize: sage, rosemary, thyme, marjoram and mint.

Fish also detains an important position in our cuisine. Amongst the recipes we re-call “lu purpo alla pignata” (stewed squid in terracotta )  It's name is related to fact that it is cooked in a terracotta pot.  Grilled fish, fish chowder,  mussel chowder  with fried bread, mixed fried fish.

Last but not least,  local olive oil, always at hand on our dining table, which in the past was utilized for multiple reasons.

  1. Body wellness
  2. To cure several sicknesses
  3. To ease fatigue
  4. To illuminate homes and above all religious rituals

Oil of Salento... a result of new processing  techniques  deterring to obtain a genuine product rich in flavor and aromas of its land, ideal to associate with a genuine diet.   Of course many striking words can be spent with the intent  to illustrate our cuisine,  however, they will be unable to  fully express the flavor of  this natural blend, of which you can personally taste.

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