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Meet the Strambace family;  Fernando, Lunetta, Giuseppe, Stefano  and Pamela…an entire family who undertook this activity at a professional level in 1990. Since then, they  have invested their time & energy to improve accommodation, organization and above all to offer quality  service to all guests.  They don’t consider it as  work, but… a style of  life delivered with passion. Guests  who will stay in this family-run hotel will observe that they are not considered mere customers, but friends, where they can share their time and emotions.

In fact as they proudly say...”We are not just hoteliers!...we  welcome, pamper, serve you with warmth, extreme courtesy and are always  ready to help and guide  you throughout your entire stay”. the hotel director, with  30 years of  solid experience. He started to work as a waiter in a  small restaurant, moving up his career   in prestigious hotels, gaining established knowledge  within the hospitality segment.  A few years Later he changed department discovering his talent  among  the kitchen stoves. Today, he personally prepares  sumptuous food to satisfy guests  palate. In fact his motto is "meet the customer desires at any cost” ... to ensure his commitment  he personally directs the kitchen staff,   and is also responsible  for the  choice and preparation  of the  genuine healthy dishes. Fernando is certainly the  heart of “La Collinetta”.

Lunetta... takes care of the  reception, greet guests and also coordinates the restaurant & cleaning staff.  Due to her distinguished courtesy and expertise she is the “chore” contact of “La Collinetta” Lunetta is  always willing to listen to everyone’s needs and finds solutions for your happy stay.

Giuseppe... with a diploma  in computer engineering,  but has discovered the passion and has become a Chef.   After a few years of preparing dishes, is now,  in charge for the preparation of the buffet with a selection of appetizers, starters  and  local vegetables. He has attended many professional kitchen courses preferring Mediterranean cooking in particular local  fish gourmet.

Stefano...with a diploma as Mechanical specialist, is now also a qualified Barman (WFBS - AIBES). You will find Stefano, at the reception desk,  ready to welcome and to take care of each guest upon arrival ...  and of course ... prepare you superb cocktails and more!

Pamela... a student at college with the passion of studying languages. Although, very young, she has proved to be a valuable  support to the family, principally at the reception area, where she has been appreciated by “La Collinetta” guests.

The entire family firmly believe in delivering customer satisfaction and indeed this is the key of their success.

For any information Fernando is always available at no. +39 338 4407019  please feel free to ask for quotations  or clarifications. You will immediately find a friendly helpful person giving you the right impression that  prospect guests expect.


To spend your holiday in Salento, in Torre Vado - Marina di Morciano di Leuca (LE), La Collinetta is a Hotel and Restaurant structure 300 meters from the sea, ideal if you choose to spend your holiday in Salento.


5 km from Santa Maria di Leuca

It is the most southerly center of the province of Lecce, one of the places to visit on a holiday in Salento.
Your holiday in Torre Vado, in Salento

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La famiglia

La famiglia "Collinetta"

"Ogni giorno porta più piacere e soddisfazione. Vedere un cliente soddisfatto dei nostri servizi, della nostra cucina e del nostro sorriso."






Years of experience


Meters from the sea

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